Southbound – Willie had it right (almost)

Can’t you just hear his gravely voice….

“On the road again –
Just can’t wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is (sailing) with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again.
On the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve never been.

Sunday, 10/27 – Carl had arrived Friday evening to crew for a time, and we said good bye to Deltaville Marina  yesterday AM having completed all the repairs.  The forecast looked promising for the run down to Hampton Roads, with sunshine and moderate NW winds. Glad to be moving south as the first real signs of cold weather arrived – 42F this morning.


Seems once again the weather man was mistaken – the first 20nm were on flat water with light SW breeze. The second 20nm was into 16-24kts directly on the nose, and 2-4ft waves. Add an adverse tide, and not a recipe for a pleasant sail! The conditions added an hour and a half to the trip but we arrived off shore at Hampton River still in good time.

Hampton entrance

An inbound cargo ship was timed to share the narrower entrance with us, so prudence (we listen to her, usually) suggested we delay a bit and fall in behind. Sorry, no pix, it was a busy time ….

While conditions were still very choppy, and there was no letup in the wind, we made it into Hampton Roads harbor and picked up a slip at the Hampton Public Pier – nice folks, and familiar as I’d stayed there a couple times before. We’ll be here for a day or two to visit with family. Had dinner with Abby and Jim, then a movie – “Captain Phillips” – hopefully NOT preparation for this cruise. (Don’t you wonder why they don’t arm those commercial vessels to ward off pirates?)

Also, found ‘Strider’ – my friend Roger’s boat – berthed here, and expect to see him on Monday. A local FB friend and sailor may also stop by today.  One of the best parts of cruising is finding like-minded, fellow cruisers along the way. It is a close and friendly community.

Plan to relocate to Hospital Point, the ‘zero’ mile post, Monday afternoon in preparation for heading down the ICW………… Spot tracker will be on….. more later.

4 thoughts on “Southbound – Willie had it right (almost)

    • We have been thinking about you in that cold Wx. Glad to hear you are perservereing and underway. Warm Hugs, Sue and Bill

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