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Lobster and meteors

A long weekend cruise found both!  

The weekend began with conflicting weather forecasts (big surprise J )with T’storms promised by NOAA. After some consideration of cancelling, I chose an early morning departure to catch a clear weather window for the 5hr sail from Annapolis to St Michaels and the Miles River Yacht Club. MRYC was the site of the annual Lobster Fest which included whole Maine lobster, clams, mussels, fresh corn on the cob, mashed potato and assorted deserts – read “stuffed”!  About 36 Catalina Club members sailed or drove in.  I counted at least 10 club boats making for a fun happy hour and dinner.

Saturday evening brought a moderate squall that blew up white caps and gave a bit of concern to those of us at anchor, but no boats dragged and the squall blew though quickly leave a very nice evening in its wake.  The creek at MRYC makes a lovely anchorage, and it wasn’t crowded. However one late arrival managed to drop his hook in the space between Valinor and my nearest neighbor. As the wind shifted and we swung around, the distance between boats was on the short side for my taste.

Sunday morning brought mixed sun and clouds,  and very light north wind. Rather than motoring home, I motored around the corner to see the Chesapeake Maritime Museum at St Michaels. The annual Waterman Appreciation Days were in progress.

Chesapeake Maritime Museum

Anchorages were crowded so I chose to sail (some) across the Bay to the Rhode River near the YMCA Camp Lett. Camp Lett is a favorite anchorage and the location for an annual cruising club GAM (gathering of sailors).

On arrival early afternoon, I found the usual busy anchorage filled with recreational power boats with skis and assorted floats in tow, and the more noisy jet skis. A few sailboats were at anchor on the far north side.  I dropped the hook in a somewhat busy but open spot, got a quick swim and waited ……. As expected by about 4pm anchors started coming up and boats began to leave. With some luck, all the sailboats left and provided an ideal, empty spot in a quiet bay. So, I pulled my anchor, move to the nicer spot and re-set for the night. 

Sunday Afternoon boaters at play

Good timing for a pleasant ‘happy hour’ and subsequent fine dinner of grilled salmon and pasta in tomato sauce – and a fine chilled white wine !

A fine dinner in a great spot!

Just after sunset I was treated to something of a ritual at the Camp. A craft of some sort with black sails carrying young men with torches was towed just off shore of the Camp and finally into shore where they dis-embarked and waded ashore to cheers around a campfire – all reminiscent of my early days at summer camp in the Adirondacks.

Fortunately the sky was mostly clear now and my hopes to see something of the Persied meteor showers brightened. Enjoyed the settng and a pleasant evening.

Then settled down for the night in the cockpit, but drifted off too soon. Awoke at 4am and managed to see a couple meteors, but the peak of the showers was now past.

Given that the tide was on the way out and I came in through some very shallow water, I decided to head out and deferred breakfast till I got back to the slip – worth the wait for eggs, sausage and juice!  Then 2 hours of cleaning out the anchor locker, washing down the top side and putting the cabin back in order. Headed home about noon with a great three day sail to remember……..