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MAGGIE’S LOG – Wk 8-12

Notes: Bringing home a new puppy, with all the concerns, hopes and expectations, is always an exciting but tense time – that certainly describes Maggie’s arrival in the household at 8 weeks of age.  She’s a yellow English Labrador of smallish parents. She comes into a home that, for a time, raised and trained Brittanys. Transitioning from upland, pointing bird dogs is driven by plans to include a canine crew on my 30 ft sailboat. So, the inclusion of boat training to normal puppy training is an added challenge.  This will be a very busy few months! This log will follow Maggie’s training and experience, as well as mine…..


I picked Maggie from a litter of 5 girls and 3 boys at 5 weeks of age.


She was the outgoing, exploring pup. The breeding was chosen because both parents are on the small size for labs, being 45-55lbs rather than the usual 60-80lbs – much more manageable for a small sailboat. We followed her development in emails from the breeder, and brought her home at 8 weeks of age on August 31st (12lbs). That was four weeks ago as I write this. It’s a good thing I’m retired…..long days, constant attention, and frequent trips out overnight, so sleep comes in short naps – mine and hers.

Meanwhile she is growing fast and fully demonstrating her outgoing personality. Puppy proofing the house is a continuing challenge. Top of the training list – crate training, house-breaking, come, sit, stay, off … and the meaning of a sharp NO.

Meanwhile, we’ve made the beginnings of indoctrination to the boat. With this begins Maggie’s boat log.


She has made a couple trips to the boat, and begun to settle in. We have not yet left the dock, but that will come shortly. The first overnight found her discovering the salon berth …. A spot she clearly chose to share with me.


Tomorrow is her first vet appointment to get a checkup, boosts and ID implant (24lbs). Later this week we go back to the boat for another overnight, learn about boat motors and work on using the puppy pad on the foredeck. The weather gods are not cooperating with rain and high winds in the forecast.

…check back for more log entries, meanwhile “woof – think I’ll take a nap” …