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There & Back Again ….

…….the beginning of our RV adventures.

It really began as we started looking forward to both of us being retired. We came to the decision to join the RV community and begin to explore the Country. Short story – we headed to the annual Hersey, PA RV show looking for a pre-owned motor home. We came away with a contract on a new Tiffin Phaeton 36 to be built sometime before March 2017.

It’s now late November, and the phone rings. It was the Colton RV folks calling to tell us our coach was on its way to them (Tonawanda, NY) – when did we want to pick it up? After some quick rearranging of schedules, boarding the dog and a long day’s drive through steady rain, we arrived at the Colton shop on November 30th.


This is our first RV. As rank newbies, we took a lot of their time getting us oriented to the coach and its operations. It is, after all, a complex home on wheels with a lot of information to absorb in a short time. Orientation included a short driving skills test. Intimidating, but I didn’t hit or break anything so I guess I passed J


We spent 2 days with orientation and having our jeep (our new toad) get modified for towing. We waited for weather to clear and headed back for home on December 3rd. With a later start than planned, it was clear that the sun would go down before we made the 425mi trek. And what a trek.

We started in occasional light to moderate rain showers turning briefly to sleet as we traveled along the lake shore. Gusty winds made keeping the coach in the lane a bit challenging, but skills and comfort level improved steadily – enough so that I pulled into a Pilot station for fuel. Another new experience in among the BIG trucks sorting out how one pays and pumps in those lanes. Chalk up another successful lesson and we were again on our way. With just a couple stops at rest areas – and a ‘discussion’ about the route – we found ourselves heading east on I-68 over very familiar country as the light faded.

About 9 hours and 425 miles after leaving Colton RV, we parked the rig along the lane in front of our home! After an earned snack and some wine, we got a solid 8+ hours of sleep. Next morning, with some help from our son, I unhooked the toad and drove the motor home – now named ‘Fawkes’ (non-Tolkien fans can Google that name) to the nearby Pilot station to top off the fuel. Then came the challenge of backing it up the long driveway to park next to the house.  A couple pictures sum it up. I made it without hitting anything.

So, we’re back again ………