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First sail of the Season

Easter Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day after threatening forecasts leading up. Plenty of sunshine, mid-70s and 8-12kts. A perfect day to take family out for a daysail. Kids and grandkid had their first experience on Valinor. 

 Addison is ready to go – we’ll start training her for future crew duties soon !

Springtime on the Bay

As the weather warms and Spring breezes blow, the urge to get out sailing grows strong.  Pressure to go when time is available gets intense. Judgment about conditions is tested. So it was this past weekend with a scheduled club cruise.
Debates ensued over weather forecasts that promised less than ideal condition, and raised questions of safety for some. The final decision to cancel was prudent, and in hind sight wise.
The chart below from Thomas Point tells the story and shows the strength of the low pressure storm that blew through carrying with it very high winds (peaked over 50kts). Not shown in this graph was the 3-5ft waves that were measured just off Annapolis. 
So, we can all be proud of the good judgment that was exercised and  look forward to the next opportunity!
Note: the period 4/16-17 ….