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Is it Spring yet?

Uncertain is the first reaction. Yes, the grass is growing – already mowed several times, flowers are blooming, a mosquito or two have been spotted and wrens have occupied one of our nest boxes. Then the weather forecast shows sub-freezing overnight temps (31f tonight) and cold rain. Someone said something about a possible snow shower….

In the sailing world, it should be time to lose socks and switch to shorts. Not so much. Then add the ongoing responses to the current virus epidemic. One of those responses, in our State, was to ban recreational boating. I could rant about the absence of common sense given the fundamental isolating nature of single boats on the water carefully avoiding close interactions with other boats……. but then I’m not the Governor having to make very difficult decisions. And this is not the forum for that debate.

On a more positive note, based on improving metrics tracking the virus spread, the boating ban was just lifted yesterday (May 7)! Clearly good news for the sailing crowd. While the Governor hasn’t done anything about the current weather pattern, getting out on the water is still a good thing.

As such, and given a brief improvement in weather for a day, I managed to sneak in a short sail. That made it feel, for a time, like Spring, and promised better sailing times would come. Yes, it is Spring – so the calendar says. We all hope for improvement with the medical challenges and better weather soon. Meanwhile, bundle up a bit and go sailing!