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Silly season notes

I try to avoid political comments , but can’t resist this time …..

So, here we are again in the early days of the ‘silly season’. The packed field of candidates that filled the stage last night – for both GOP debates – certainly offered opportunities to confirm the appropriateness of that title. But the consequences of candidate performance and the substance of the issues are anything but silly. I believe the coming election will be pivotal for our Country, and will offer very distinct choices for our future direction. Let’s hope our final choice, whichever Party, has the wisdom to begin closing the divide(s) that continue to stagnate progress.

I watched both debates with some hope for a clear sorting out of the field. It is too soon to be picking winners, but here are a few quick observations. The sooner we get Trump, and his unwarranted, unhelpful arrogance, off the stage the better. Fine that he’s rattled the cage of the political right, but he has little of substance to add, and provides an unfortunate and inaccurate picture of mainstream political conservatives. He surely doesn’t represent me. On the positive side, Carly Fiorina offered a clear, thoughtful and articulate contrast to Trump’s later pompous rants. It’s unfortunate that they weren’t on the same stage, but I believe that will come. The remainder of the field did less to distinguish themselves from the flock, though Carson offered a refreshing view from outside the political establishment. Too bad there wasn’t better time balance for all the candidates. The questions were pointed, issue-oriented for the most part, and candidate were generally responsive.

It will be a long stretch to the election, and I’ll reserve judgement till we see more significant debate on issues, and the other Party gets their candidates up on a similar open forum……. It is not too early to begin watching the large field of candidates with a critical eye – and a good sense of humor…