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Back in the market

Well, I’ve been there more than once. It can be a confusing place, not to mention frustrating. Yacht World, Boat Trader and assorted other sources all offer the means to sort for just what you want – in the hope that there are several good choices, and all within an easy drive to see. Then the probability is that the perfect boat is at the other end of the Country, if in the home Country at all……

So, I’m in that search stage. Have already looked at several boats that by description and pictures promised to be a near perfect match.  Therein lies the frustration part. Learning to read between the lines (lies sometime) is critical to avoiding a lot of wasted time. Granted, older boats are not going to be showroom perfect. Adjusting expectations to reality needs to be done early in the game.

Somewhere out there, within a day’s drive to see, is my boat. Actually, the one I sold a couple years ago meets the criteria.   Sadly, he won’t sell it back……

Fortunately, I also have friends in the business who are keeping an eye out for my boat, and providing good critique on some I’ve considered. It helps to have friends.

Persistence pays, or will at some point, and I’ll continue to search enjoying as best I can the process.

Being mostly optimistic about life in general, I’m hopeful that finding and acquiring my boat will precede the arrival of winterizing. There’s still plenty of good sailing weather here in the Chesapeake until early December, or later, depending on just how hardy you are.

So look for me sometime soon out on the water. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying the search and spending time with other sailors at my new boat home at Bodkin Yacht Club and crewing with a fun bunch for Wednesday night races.