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Puppy Saga

And the story continues…. Maggie was (is) a sweet, adorable puppy. She was also 55+lbs of energy wrapped in a soft, ever-shedding coat. After a considerable investment in pretty successful training, it became clear that she needed a different home.


With remarkable good fortune, we found an ideal home with the assistance of the breeder. Maggie is now living an unfettered life with a Lab brother, freedom to sleep wherever, and lots of play time at a campsite with a creek. Seems she’s turning into the water dog that I’d hoped. So, all-in-all a successful outcome.

That said, I was again without a dog ….

After some reasonable negotiations at home, we decided to go back to the breed we know well having raised and trained more than a few. And, with plans to move on from sailing to RVing, an upland bird dog became a much better choice.

So, after a number of calls, research on line and with dog friends, we found Cricket. Her litter was just reaching time to go home, and we fell in love on the first visit.  How does anyone resist a Brittany puppy! What’s more, the dad was from the kennel where we had found our first Brit – and, they were taking one of Cricket’s sisters – we had come full circle.



That was just a couple weeks ago. Cricket is home with us, growing fast and keeping me regular company. In fact, she has developed a very close attachment, and a moderate case of separation anxiety should I leave her alone.  This too will pass, house breaking will succeed and it will be time to start field training for birds!



Stay tuned for more Cricket stories……..