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What winter?

It’s always risky to second guess Mother Nature, but it’s mid-February and we’ve seen only a few days below freezing, and just a couple light dustings of snow. Mind you, that’s NOT a complaint, just a hopeful observation as we continue to plan our escape.

As remarkable as the winter has been so far, we put the house on the market and before it went into a public listing we had two showings and two offers – we are now under contract. Less than three weeks was a major surprise – just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Now the challenge is to finish preparations to take up residence in Fawkes, our new home (2017 Tiffin Phaeton36GH). Some will recall that Fawkes is the phoenix in the Harry Potter series that periodically dies, but is immediately reborn.20161201_131407

The ‘to do’ list runs into two pages, but we’re checking things off each day and hauling what we’ll keep into storage. Kids are being lined up to help move the heavy stuff, and reservations have been made at RV parks for the first month or so.
Apart from all the moving of ‘stuff’, is the long list including address changes, new phone/computer/internet setup, insurance arrangements, medical checks – including the vet for Cricket, mail service arrangements, and I still need to take my MD Class B driving skills test on the coach to get off my learner’s permit  We’ll still maintain a Maryland home address.
Settlement date is March 30. So, we are soon to be full time wanderers! 42days and counting……..