Southbound – Day 6

While still waiting for word on repairs, the upside was a visit today from daughter Abby (and furry friend Tessa) who lives nearby in Yorktown. And, I got a ride to the grocery and hardware store!


The day began with dark clouds and a forecast of possible showers and lower temps, but still pretty mild. By lunchtime the sun was out and warmer.

I enjoyed an informal guitar concert last evening by one of the skippers, and sing-along with a few folks from other boats. The marina provides a screened room with several grills, tables and chairs for use by any of the registered boaters making for a pleasant gathering spot – and a good ‘concert hall’.

Boat chores continue, and I’m using the time to continue to do passage planning. Word just came that promises progress on the alternator repairs, and I picked up a new regulator.  MAYBE an earlier departure………?

5 thoughts on “Southbound – Day 6

  1. Go gently my friend! Somebody famous once said that I think. At least you are out and doin it. Alternators and regulators are wierd beasts as there is absolutely no way to know what their longevity is or will be. Look at the bright side at least it did not go south in an offshore storm on your nose! Be safe/careful out there. Mike

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