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Mid-winter blues

January 21 – Awoke to a cold and gloomy weather report for the next week or so ….. hardly a surprise for mid-January. Then, we’ve had only one significant snow fall, though there’s still time for more.


It’s the sub-freezing temps (teens) in this week’s forecast that sends me to the calendar trying to imagine Spring.

The Spring solstice, March 20th, is a significant marker on the calendar. That’s the day when daylight hours equal the night And, going forward, days that are now becoming longer do so at a much quicker pace – and get warmer!  The Spring solstice is also my target date to re-commission the boat – the formal beginning of my sailing season.

Just two days ago the loft called to say my mainsail was ready having been cleaned and minor repairs made.  The new head sail being built should be ready soon. Bimini and dodger were re-installed a week ago, and now the sails will go back on very soon. Only the engine and fresh water system to de-winterize – just waiting to get past any serious threat of extended freezing temps.

So, forgetting for the moment the cold air descending on us, I check the calendar and count days – just 50 to the solstice!  Spring is just around the corner.  counting ..49..48..47……


…even Washington, DC may soon take on a more sunny appearance……… he says optimistically.


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