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Off Season Fun!

I think it fair to say that, among other characteristics, sailors are fun-loving creatures – maybe a bit of a cross between pirates and otters. In any event, we’re never inclined to pass up a good party.  That’s especially the case during the off-season when those of us confined to land by the cold look for like-minded company to at least talk about sailing and plans for the coming season.

A party is what we got over the weekend, organized by the Annapolis Sailing Club  – good fun, good company, and great music provided by Pint & Dale. As their press release says – “If you can’t hear the wind in the rigging when William Pint and Felicia Dale break out in song, then you’re not listening.” It was a great program of sea shanties, and even a bit of sing along. 

Go here to read more about the duo, hear their music .  And that rather odd looking instrument is a hurdy-gurdy – you have to hear to appreciate!   Try here for a sample………


The evening provided opportunity to visit with old friends and make new ones. Skippers looking for crew and crew looking for boats – always in the background and the makings for a fun time!

Plenty of food and ‘grog’ to go around, all brought by the 70 or so folks that gatherd for the evening.

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