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Notes from around the Bay

You’re in for a real treat if you’re willing to brave the tricky water getting there. I’m talking about Smith Island Marina.

Smith Island is a delightful place with a long and interesting history. In addition to a small but clean and friendly marina. You’ll find a fascinating museum within walking distance, and VERY important – a crab house next door! If you time it right, you can have fresh caught, steamed crabs delivered to the boat.

A word of caution. The narrow channel in from the Bay side is continually changing – that is the depth.

Smith Island Entrance

More than likely, you will find temporary white markers designating the shoal areas – just not a clue as to which side of said markers you should pass. STRONGLY urge a call to the marina for current information and guidance around those markers. Other wise, take it slow and enjoy the scenery!

A view looking back out the entrance channel from the Marina

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