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Hobbit land II

Monday arrived with significant weather in the forecast, so we made reservations at the Cambridge Marina for slips and moved in first thing in the morning. It proved a good move as significant adverse winds and rain arrived during the day. And, it was nice to stand in a real, hot shower J Roger’s friend Becky came by for lunch at Snapper’s Waterfront Café. She provided some fascinating conversation, and we discovered professional connections with several friends in common from our respective careers.

After lunch we visited the Richardson Museum Boat Works where local watermen were building and restoring classic Bay boats.  Late day cleared and an amazing rainbow appeared. Horizon to horizon  – and then it doubled – what an beautiful treat!

A stunning double, full rainbow..

A good night’s sleep despite the high winds.

Tuesday came early with bright sun, but NW winds were still blowing directly down the Choptank and down the Bay, we chose to brave the head winds in the river, and sail down to Solomons. Warped our way out of the slips about 0800. Well, they say that boats will handle more than the sailor. A good test today. With winds on the nose blowing 15-24kts producing 2-4ft chop it was a challenge to make the first 8nm under power. Valinor struggled at times, and I worked to find quieter waters to no avail. After about three hours fighting upwind, we turn onto a broad reach and sailed at 5-6.5kts to reach the main stem of the Bay, then a downwind run till winds died about half way.  I dropped anchor in company with one other boat late afternoon – joined by a trawler and two other sailboats before evening. We wandered into town and enjoyed another great crab cake dinner.  Time now to tuck in for the night and plan the next leg of the journey in the morning………….

A parting of the ways….

After a careful review of weather and other plans, It was clear that today (Wednesday) was time to head back up the Bay and say farewell to Roger till he sails back through next Spring. It has been an interesting and fun few days on the water with a well-traveled and superb sailor, not to mention his vast technical knowledge as a naval architect. So this little company divided with expectations to connect again as did Tolkien’s heros.

About 0800, I weighed anchor following a nice sunrise—

— said farewell (for now) to Roger and turned the boat back to the north – destination Dun Cove off Harris Creek behind Tighlman Island. A well-protected and beautiful spot to ride out the weather predicted for Thursday – gusty winds 15-25kts and possible rain. It will be good to have a day to get the boat back in order, do some cleaning and rest J

Not a bad spot to be in for awhile — more to come…………


Stay –tuned still more sailing and exploring to come !


  1. Sailing solo with a few days exceptions. On the water till early November.


    October 18, 2012
  2. #

    I am enjoying your wanderings. It sounds like you are solo or do you have crew?


    October 17, 2012

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