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Hobbit land 2012

Two boats sailed from Back Creek in Annapolis (Eastport) for a small adventure on the Chesapeake Bay. Strider, skippered by Roger Long of Maine was joined by Valinor, skippered by Jim Mosher of Maryland. Those who are J.R.R.Tolein fans will recognize the connections.  Strider was king of humankind who inherited he world after the last great middle earth battle. The elves, Gandolf the wizard and the Hobbit heros (Bilbo and Frodo) sailed off to Valinor, the undying land having vanquish evil.


Hardly an epic sailing adventure we’re about, but good company and great time on the water. The first leg took the duo to Baby Owl Cove off Broad Creek near Tilghman Island and St Michaels. It was an ideal sail down Bay with 8-15kts of favorable wind that provide some great sailing before dying just short of Tilghman.

We ducked through Knapp’s Narrows under the lift bridge and motored the final leg up to the first anchorage at Baby Owl. The cove is a well-protected, and often used spot to meet-up with sailing friends or protection from bad weather.  It is mostly undeveloped shore line surrounded by forest. We found calm waters and only one other boat, a power yacht, at anchor. Tidied up the boats and enjoyed a sunny and pleasant afternoon and evening. Dinner from the grill (tasty flank steak) and a good wine topped off the first day. Were even treated by Bald Eagles in search of dinner – looked like mom and this year’s kid.

A lovely evening at anchor

The Tolkien characters would have approved J

The start of day 2 brought the arrival of the predicted winds. About 0130 the first gust hit, and for the next several hours periods of relative calm were broken by 20-30kt gusts. This is being written at 0300 as I maintain my ‘anchor watch’ having let out additional scope an hour ago.

The night sky is clear. With almost no ground lights to interfere, all the Fall constellations are bright against that background!  Orion is just outside my port side window. As long as I can see him framed in that opening, I’m reassured the anchor isn’t dragging. Forecasts call for strong and gusting winds the next day as well which will slow our southerly progress.


Sunday morning arrived with a clear blue sky, ‘V’s of honking geese moving out to feeding grounds. Heard them moving around overnight, likely because of the winds that kept me checking the anchor. After breakfast – steak, eggs and OJ – cleaned up, put on Nora Jones and had a cup of tea

SW winds were still strong and we decided to take full advantage and relocate to Cambridge where it’s more protected, and Roger wanted to see the museum.

Had a great sail on a reach most all the way, and anchored just off the yacht club.   ….   Check back for more of the adventure……

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