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Sailing Season officially underway!

 Always a reason to celebrate!

With crew from the SOS club Valinor sailed Saturday and Sunday giving six club members a chance to gain experience and add to their sailing skills. With about 150 private sailboats out of about 600 club members, it is a great opportunity for both the skippers to get help from crew and other members to go sailing in a safe and affordable way.

If the SPOT track (see link on right side) looks a bit odd, be aware we sailed without any particular destination and simply adjusted for changing wind conditions. At times winds were very light (4-8kts), but increased during the day to nearly 20kts on Saturday afternoon to 16kts on Sunday.

Still a bit early for some sailors —–

but many others have commissioned their boats and there was plenty of activity off the Annapolis harbor. 


We saw ongoing class races and got a close look at Pride II in Annapolis for a few days. (J Nandy photo) Just passing the Naval Academy headed for City Dock at the North American Sailing Hall of Fame.

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