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About tax day…

About tax day each year, the SOS (Singles on Sailboats) club schedules its first weekend cruise of the season. This year, as usual, the cruise destination was Pirates Cove Marina in Galesville, MD. The marina is sheltered in a cove off West River just a short run from the main stem of the Chesapeake Bay (Latitude 38° 50′ 35″ Longitude -76° 32′ 21″).

Valinor’s crew for this cruise included Rennie, an SOS member, and Roger, a friend from Maine. Roger is a retired naval architect and is just now on his return trip to Maine from Florida. Roger has made this trip solo and hosts a forum recounting his travels on Strider – a kindred Tolkein spirit to Valinor.

Great crew always makes for fun and interesting trips!

We slipped our dock lines early Saturday morning at my home port on Back Creek in Eastport. The weather promised an intersting sail, with  10-15 kt winds blowing from the south. Sky was clear and sunny, but the forecast was for rain and stronger winds (northerly) coming overnight.  The spot track (see link to the right) shows our course sailed, but pictures don’t tell all the story J

The cruise really began Friday evening with a deliciuos pot of shrimp scampi whipped up by Roger, with a nice white wine!

The sail down was outstanding. Three upwind tacks took us to Thomas Point making 4-5kts close hauled. After passing Thomas Point lighthouse we were on a beam reach making 5-6.5kts all the way to Pirates Cove – doesn’t get much better!

Saturday evening was a group dinner, some live music, and for my boat, an early night anticipating a less fun trip back on Sunday.

We were up early and underway a bit after 7am. The weather forecast called for north winds 10 – 15 gusting to 20kts, and increasing later in the day. We chose to get ahead of the stronger opposing winds. Still we found 2-3ft short-period waves and 15-20kt wind mixed with frequent rain showers – the price we paid for Saturday’s ideal sail!

Still, any day on the water…………

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