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Oysters and socks

Within every community there are events that mark the passage of time. We recognize such changes in different ways in different cultures. Children grow into adults – though some of us may never have quite made it. . Individuals retire from working careers. And sailors, who pay special attention to seasons, recognize the arrival of Spring and the beginning of sailing season. Traditionally on the Bay we do so with the ‘burning of the socks’.  By losing the socks that provided winter warmth, we prepare for the warm months of bare feet and boat shoes.

Many organizations hold sock burning parties close to the Spring equinox throughout the Bay. Such event was held yesterday (March 24) at the Annapolis Maritime Museum. Appropriately, the event was an all-you-can-eat Oyster Roast, with entertainment by Them Eastport Oyster Boys providing great music! 

While it turned a bit chilly and wet, none-the-less the fire was lit and socks were burned.  Although it took a bit of scrounging to get the fire started………

Thanks to the AMM for another fine event – to paraphrase Them Oyster Boys,  good food, good music, good times …. and welcome to another sailing season!

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