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Persistence Pays

That’s what I said in my last post, and for once I was right.  Success was achieved by following all reasonable sources in the yacht brokerage world on a daily basis. For some reason, the inventory of used boats is very low at this time. I speculate that, as we came to end of the covid ‘lock down’, folks decided the future was less certain and it was time to enjoy the present. Good decision to my way of thinking.

So, a new to me boat joins my list of things to enjoy NOW.   She’s a 1989 Hunter 33.5.   She’s exceptionally well equipped both for sailing capability and cruising comfort.  The short list of projects mostly revolve around detail cleaning and organizing while I learn a new boat – always an adventure.

Part of the transition process involves renaming, which means deciding on a name. Previous boats were Valinor and Valinor II – the name derived from Lord of the Rings in which Valinor was the undying lands to which the heros went at the end of the tale. Valinor III was an option but passed on as I didn’t want confusion with Valinor II now owned by a nearby sailing friend.  To stay in the same imaginative world, I picked ‘Mischief’.  For those that know the tale, you will recognize the ‘Mischief Managed’ quote which, when spoken, would instantly hide the printing on the Marauder’s Map. I will be very careful to avoid that with respect to nautical charts…….  There will, of course, be an appropriate renaming ceremony to avoid Poseidon’s wrath with all the right words and beverage(s).

So, for all those in the Chesapeake Bay area – look (out) for Mischief (the boat that is) on the water soon.

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    Wow another Mistress!  I figured you would not get out of boat ownership for long.  Congratulations!  One of our earliest Abaco trips was just the 4 of us on a Hunter 35.  They are not renouned by some as good big water boats but I thought it was a great sailer and was able to point like crazy even in light wind.  I think your boat is probably almost the same boat.  The one we sailed had everything really well thought out and the below space was super efficient.  The step transom is a real safety and convenience factor too.  Awsome for you!

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    August 17, 2022
  2. Helen #

    Congratulations! Glad to see you will be getting back out on the water soon! Hunters are typically quite tender in their handling but I suspect that Ms. MISCHIEF and you will become most excellent together in your pursuit of the NOW.
    Happy Sailing!!!

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    August 8, 2022
  3. Kathy McGowan #



    August 7, 2022

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