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Boat Units…

It is generally agreed that a boat unit equals about $1,000.  A boat unit is most often the smallest denomination accepted in boat work of any kind. These facts often challenge the sense of humor of those of us who own boats (some might say foolishly) ……

That said, and 2 or 3 boat units later now, the winter work on Valinor II is essentially done – at least the contractor-paid work. The list of needed projects remains just a bit daunting.  Starting at the top:

  • Bend sails back on;
  • clean and waterproof top side canvass;
  • strip plastic coating off life lines and reinstall (in progress),
  • install safety netting on the life lines;
  • sand, stain and varnish top side wood;
  • install new companion way door (owner built);
  • clean deck;
  • modify stern rails;
  • install new swim platform (owner built);
  • clean anchor locker and deck;
  • clean and organize below deck;
  • repair/replace anchor locker drain;
  • de-winterize.

The target date for de-winterizing and the start of the sailing season (the reason for all this work) is Sunday, March 15th.  It is purely coincidental that it’s also the Ides of March. Besides the murder of Julius Ceasar, several other not-so-great things occurred on that day .. .  I may just move it to Monday the 16th……..

The good news is that all the necessary engine work has been completed and the fresh water system secured. I finished constructing the companion way doors and swim platform. Most of the life line work is completed. Sometime in the early Spring the drive shaft will be replaced and a dripless fitting installed. Now, if it weren’t for boats, what would we do with our time?

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  1. Michael C. Caskey #

    Pretty funny. Yep those “boat units“ just seem to keep adding up. The woodwork looks maaavelous. In Cabo and headed down to charter a fishing boat. Later Dude!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    February 17, 2020

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