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Ready , set….. and her side

What have I done!!  We chronicle the outward steps of dreaming, buying  an RV, selling a house , sorting, packing, planning.  We fret about insurance, how to get our mail and Wi-Fi connections.  Those day to day problems we must handle take our time and energy, leaving us with nothing but the dark hours of the night to face the real issues.  I have five children, their spouses and eight grandchildren.  That is 18 people that enrich my life.  I have worked for 30 years with friends who have supported me through professional and personal adversities. I have a 97 year-old father for whom I have provided support and comfort for the 21 years since Mom died.  How can I walk away from that?  How do I shake the feeling I am abandoning them?  Where is my strength to leave the friends that support me? Who will help me find the balance when my husband and I fight?  What if I am not there to see my grandchild beam with pride after an accomplishment.  What if those I love need me! How do I leave the life I have built?

And – I am tired.  I have hosted 21 years of Christmas gatherings.  Despite the support and help from my children, I ran full out for the days of their visit.  Then I washed every sheet and towel I owned before heading back to work.  Then I did it again  each summer. At work I gave my all, often for more then eight hours a day.  On  weekends I trekked to check on my father. I have lived the busy life of a working woman with a husband, home and responsibilities.  I knew it was taking a toll on my health and I ignored the signs.  I did not know how to stop and was afraid of what I would lose.

We have all heard the advice to live in the present. Look forward, not back. Savor the moment. After tears and angst,  I accept it is time for me to rest and heal.  I will trust that my bonds with family and friends will endure. I believe that others with more energy than me will step up to keep my small world turning.  I bow to my age, say “yes” to this next stage in my life.  Let the RV roll and the adventures  begin!

  1. Us too, still sorting out itinerary. Will keep you posted.

    May 1, 2017
  2. #

    Just gotta say COOL! As they would say in New Orleans ” let the good times roll” or laissez le bon temps roulez”. Our best to you both. Travel safe and we look forward to seeing you soon. Mike

    April 30, 2017
  3. Anne MacGlashan #

    I’m excited for you Denise! Give yourself time and permission to relax and explore this new time in your life.

    April 27, 2017
  4. Dot Ziegler #

    So glad we got to meet on Monday. I just read about your decision to full time and hope that you will embrace the lifestyle. Craig and I have four children, 12 grandchildren that we were able to watch grow up and now they have added 5 more great grands to the fold. Although we do miss some family events they seem to understand that we feel this is our time. My advise would be to take it slow and enjoy this time. We have such a beautiful country.
    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I hope we can connect sometime this summer.

    April 25, 2017
  5. Kathy McGowan #

    Denise, we have never met, but Jim is a dear, deal friend of ours. We are so happy you have decided to do this. I am envious and look forward to following you in your travels. You go, girl. Enjoy life and your travels with your husband. It is YOUR time!

    April 25, 2017

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