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Valinor has provided eight wonderful years of sailing adventure. Together we’ve explored much of the Chesapeake Bay, sailed twice around the DelMarVa peninsula (once each way), and made the long ICW trek to Key West and back. In that time, we’ve motored on flat, still water, had lively sails in fresh 8-15kt breezes, anchored in serene coves, and fought 40-50kt winds with 4-6ft waves. She is a study boat and never let me down.

On a beam reach

On a beam reach

Thus, it is with some sadness that this chapter is coming to an end. Valinor has moved on to new owners.  I know she will provide them with equally great service and lots of new adventures. They say the best two days in a sailor’s life are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells her…  selling comes with mixed feelings, it sure doesn’t qualify for one of my ‘best days’! But there’s more to come…..

Though Valinor’s part of this blog comes to an end, it will be replaced with other adventures. We’ll be trading sails for wheels as many of our sailing friends have also done. There’s a new motor coach in the near future. Money down and we’re on the build schedule for a Spring delivery.


So, whether it’s Valinor II or some other name, there are more adventures just around the corner ….

  1. #

    Wow you are really doin it! Cool! Holler when you plan to head this way. Thanks, Mike


    October 18, 2016
  2. Kathy & Chuck #

    We know how you feel. We are still sad that Sheet Music moved to a new owner in Massachusetts. It has been more than a year and still brings us sadness. Good luck with your new venture and happy travels!


    October 15, 2016

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