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Grandad’s Day?

Not sure why we don’t get our own, but guess I’ve had my share of Father’s Days….

In any event, enjoyed a nice sail and dinner at anchor with grandson Tyler. Give a kid a dingy and freedom to wander and don’t expect to see him for awhile!  With a forecast of 5 or less we didn’t expect much sailing, but once again the forecasters were wrong. We found 8-15 and flat water … about as good as it gets for a pleasant daysail on the Bay.


Dropped anchor in Whitehall Bay and relaxed while Tyler explored …


Just another good day on the water..

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    Yeah why don’t we get Grandfather’s day!!!!!!!!!! Spending a good amount of time at the cabin. Spring storm broke a bunch of trees that I am trying to clean up. Chainsaws and a chipper will give a good workout. Grab a cheap ticket and come on out to the mountains. Alls well here. Thanks, MIke


    June 26, 2015

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