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Southbound – leaving

Four days of working at the Annapolis Sailboat Show for Passport Yachts was fun. Met some friends, put a little money in the travel kitty, and got to spend quality time on beautiful boats!


Now begins the adventure – leaving the comfortable and familiar behind, and heading into places less known (or not at all) and events unpredictable. With it comes unease, apprehension and the excitement of new challenges. It’s the latter that drives us forward and feeds the soul.  So it is with this particular adventure, so long in the planning and so suddenly here. Off we go with a smile and offerings to whatever deities that might be listening for safe travels.

Valinor is ready to go, and I think I am as well…….. All the gear, extra fuel and water on board. Engine servicing is done, and dock box is empty.


Weather forecast for the run down Bay to Hampton, with a stop to visit friends in Deltaville, looks good. It only remains to say some ‘goodbyes’ and retrieve dock lines. Leaving the slip I’ve called home for about 8 years is a bit sad, especially with such good neighbors. But hope to find a nearby spot when I return in the Spring.

Stay tuned for occasional reports from along the way.

  1. Bennito #

    Your SPOT is working just fine. Bon Voyage! Maybe we’ll connect on the water next Spring.

    October 15, 2013
  2. Keli #

    Bon voyage! We will be thinking of you, and wanting updates! 🙂

    October 15, 2013

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