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Chasing Pirates

First weekend cruise of the season headed for Pirates Cove at Galesville, MD!

 Thirteen boats sailed on Saturday from locations around Annapolis. It was a bit on the cool side, but with plenty of sun. Winds were light and variable – really non-existent at times. Valinor slipped lines about 10:30am with Kate and Kathy as crew.

Forecast called for 5-10kts from the west. We found 1-14kts from every directions except for west. Heading south from Annapolis to Thomas Point we had enough following wind to sail, but it died to less than 3kts and we drifted awhile with the outgoing tide along with several other boats heading our way.

After rounding the point, we picked up 8-12kts and had a great sail into Galesville.


As usual, the happy hour on the dock and dinner in the restaurant provided outstanding food and our favorite beverages. Live music at the Marina restaurant rounded out a fun evening.

The return on Sunday was much the same as the trip down – some good sailing breeze, but mostly light and variable. Just as we turned for home and dropped sails, the wind picked up to 16kts…….  In any event, it was a fun trip and we had  very nice sailing when the wind cooperated.

At other times, the crew just relaxed……..2013-04-14_12-00-17_9 withheld to protect crew reputation!

  1. Good to be on the water again!


    April 17, 2013
  2. #

    Back at it! Good for you! Thanks, Mike


    April 17, 2013

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