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Sandy as an object lesson

Storm clouds moving in


For as long as there has been weather on the planet, there have been storms – some small, some big, but always a fascination to us. As the current storm ‘Sandy’ approaches the east coast, I’m following the commentary, warnings and other hype with some interest. First, I’ve taken the practical steps of securing my boat against possible damage from winds and rising waters. I’ve also cleared the house roof and gutters of the Fall leaf crop – twice-  to allow the heavy rains to run off as intended.

Because we have inexorably intruded with our occupation of flood plains and low lying coastal areas, much of the focus has been on the potential damage. Wiser planning and developing would have minimized such negative impacts. Instead of describing imminent disaster, we might be talking about the positive and constructive effects of storms that clean and  refresh the atmosphere and rebuild beeches and marshes. They have in the past, and may still do move plants and animals, small and large, to new territories.   These natural events are essential to planet health and only become disasters where we have chosen to stand in their path on vulnerable ground.

Here’s hoping all are safe in the aftermath. Perhaps too much to hope (too late) that we learn a lesson or two about where to take up residency…..


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  1. Bennito #

    I agree with your insight in how important even storms are for this planet. Just something people often dont realize. The human race does have a tendancy to be egocentric, though. As I geographer I was thrilled to be out a lot during the storm, observing its power and keeping a close eye on the destruction.

    Please let us know how you and your boat faired.


    October 31, 2012

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