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National Ocean Policy

The following is reprinted from the recent BoatUS e-newsletter. It highlights ongoing planning that can affect recreational boating. Right now the focus is on the Northeast. Expect that to expand – an issue worth watching….


Over the last two years, BoatUS has been working on the National Ocean Policy, set in place with an Executive Order from President Obama. How could this affect your access to the water, and on the water?

Early on recreational boating was not being adequately considered, so BoatUS took every opportunity to speak up for our favorite pastime, which now is included in their plans as a key “stakeholder.”

As part of this work, a study is now underway in New England to measure the economic impact of recreational boating. (Boaters can participate in this study by clicking here.) Be on watch for similar studies and planning that could affect boating in your region and please let us know when you see things starting to happen in your area.

As Ryck Lydecker, Assistant Vice President of Government Affairs, says “Now that policy makers recognize us as “stakeholders” let’s make certain to stake our claims,”
For more background on this topic, click here.

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