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Trashing the Bay

Having just returned from a sail from Annapolis to Baltimore and return, I was pleased to read in the Bay Journal about efforts to keep trash and other debris out of the waters.  Lara Lutz wrote about the Anacostia litter cleanup.  While the Anacostia contributes to the Potomac and is down Bay from where I normally sail, similar issues exist for all the rivers and streams within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Not only is trash in the water unsightly, it is also unhealthy and presents hazards to navigation. In just a few hours of travel we encountered lumber, logs, and other hard debris that can cause damage to boats – potentially creating safety issues. Other forms of trash were common and likely originated from careless disposal. For a more detailed look at this issue, pick up the June issue of the Bay Journal, or follow the link to read on-line –

The Bay Journal reports on all things relating to the Chesapeake Bay including current events and more in-depth information about progress in improving Bay health. As sailors on the Bay, we all should keep a close watch, and lend a hand when and where ever we can.

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