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Doesn’t get much better!

Forecast:  winds 5-10kts from the south with increasing clouds and chance of rain.

What we got: 10-18kts SE and blue sky.  A near perfect day for sailing!

With good crew (Dane), we left the slip about 10AM and had sail up before clearing Back Creek and headed across the Bay in a steady 10-12kts. Winds gradually strengthen to 15-18kts prompting a reef in the main and shortened head sail – still making 5-6kts – occasionally faster.

About an hour out we sailed through one of several on-going races getting some vocal direction from one of the young participants. She clearly wanted us out of her way! We cleared her course and didn’t cause her to slow down. It was a pretty sight to be surrounded by a dozen or more small one-design racers.

About that time we spotted the Sultana headed in from the Bay Bridge and changed our course to sail by. For the next hour our course crossed the Sultanas making for some nice picture opportunities.

After a pass through Spa Creek anchorage about 3PM we headed back to the slip. On approaching the turn into my branch, we encountered two young men stretched out on a dingy paddling their way up the creek. We drifted alongside to see if they were OK – seems they ran out of gas. So, we took their line and towed them the rest of the way to their dock, then returned to the slip.

All in all a great sail and interesting day, but not quite over. As were finishing getting the boat secured and everything stowed. Another crew from the SOS club joined us for ‘happy hour’ followed shortly by my slip neighbor and his crew. A pleasant end to a great day!

Click on the SPOT link to see the days course…….

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  1. Anne MacGlashan #

    looks like a great day! I wondered about the Sultana, thinking someone had a “pirate” ship. It’s beautiful and have followed the organization that is located in Chestertown.


    May 21, 2012

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