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Coming home

All the commotion and uncertainties of boat search, prep and movement to home slip is behind me. There is a “coming home feeling” to being back on the water. The first reaction is to raise sails, find a nice peaceful anchorage, put feet up with a suitable beverage and watch the sunset. That will come soon, but there are still assorted details to yet to address……find the water leak in the fresh water system, finish cleaning, organize and stow essential gear, sort out lines – clean and replace as needed, treat and pump tanks, load and store provision. Moderate chaos still reigns below deck. Doing this right will take some time, but as they say, ‘there’s nothing more fun than messing around with boats’ 🙂

Meanwhile, she’s (Valinor II) settled in a secure slip in a beautiful location. That’s sparkle on a shinny, waxed hull, not marks!

A short work day got some things done. We moved to an adjacent slip – now bow in. And, my furry crew got introduced to the boat. He managed the boarding ramp and the companionway – down & up – with only a little assistance.

Next step is to work though the chore list (above). I’m pretty sure it won’t all be done before we slip the lines and find that idyllic anchorage for at least one night…… The first Valinor liked this spot.

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