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What a way to begin our second year of full time RVing. The end of the first year found us inheriting a house and committing nearly 5 months to its renovation while our “primary home” languished in RV storage for much of that time. It was not an easy decision to keep the house with all the challenges. We had, after all, just sold our home with the expectation of living and traveling full time in our new Tiffin motor coach. Practicality prevailed since, at some point, we would need a place to settle and this was close to much of our family.
Before & after…

Before  LR finished

Near the end of the house project, we spent a week at a beach house with the whole family… all 18 of us.


It was wonderful to have the time with us all together – a true and unique blessing. And, the 18 was soon to become 19 with the birth of our 9th grandchild. We loved the chance to spend a week with Abby, Jim and new born ‘Benjamin James’ before venturing out on our second, long excursion.
Our travel plan called for a quick trip across the Country from MD to CO. The schedule required a race to Denver, for a visit with good friends, before heading to Southern Utah, and time in some National Parks, on the way to Arizona before cold weather set into the high country. We had fun experiencing overnights at Walmarts, rest areas and finally a convenient RV park to time our reservation at Cherry Creek State Park near Denver. In Kansas we discovered a swarm or two of bugs that pretty much obliterated the windshield – still cleaning up. These guys also found us – guess they liked the warm windshield glass.


We averaged 42mph, including stops during the day travels, and covered about 425-520miles each day of the near 1800 mile trip.
While I might do it again – with sufficient motivation – let me say clearly, multiple long days driving a 38ft motor home and toad is a challenge for anyone, even younger than me. The 4 day stop in Denver is what the doctor ordered, and we had the chance to have dinner and spend time with some very special friends.
Perhaps I’d do the trip again, with dog and shotgun along, just in time for bird season on the prairie – the motivation referred to above 😊.
In any event, we made it, have a few days to recoup, and are looking forward to the coming travels and experiences! This will be our second visit to Cherry Creek SP – a wonderful place!



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