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A Florida Winter

A brief update………..

After traveling for eight months, we settled at Sundance Lakes RV resort December 1st. Landed in a nice spot among some very nice neighbors. Planned to be here through February. As with most plans, changes were in the offing…….. first, we drove back to Maryland for Christmas with the kids – always a good time! Then in January, family events had us back in MD for three weeks dealing with estate, house and medical issues. A big part of the time was spent cleaning out a house and preparing it for major renovations. Along the way we extended our FL stay till the end of March … lots to do here, and some really nice weather 🙂

A quick look at the bulletin board provides an idea of the diversity of activities. Men’s billiards has occupied most of my Mon, Wed & Fri evenings – and I’m getting Denise hooked on the game 🙂

Always an excuse for another party with good food and entertainment………..

And great, fun places to eat out … 


Also have learned a bit about pyrography – all new to me, but made a couple projects…. fun to do!

With just a month left here, we’re now looking to do some ‘tourist’ things and visit friends who are nearby.  When we head back to Maryland, it will be an extended visit while we oversee house renovations and enjoy some family vacation.  More later…..






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