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A brief post-Summer look back

Sometime in July I passed the 100 days on the water mark, which included the 48 days it took to come back up the ICW from Key West. But still, a lot of good time in the Bay this Summer – and sailing season isn’t over just yet!

Stopped at Pirates Cove and a Singles on Sailboats gathering in April on the way home, then a cruise in May to the MD DNR camp in the Wye River.


Had a fun weekend with a grandson who’s learning the ropes pretty quick….


Then there was the sail with friends in the Annapolis Sailors’ Club to St Michaels, and a treat to see the rigging of the log canoes..



Lots of sailing in between, but just this past weekend it was great to combine a sail to the Choptank for a wedding of two good friends – and what a great two-day party!

IMG_20140906_164913518  IMG_20140906_191626065_HDR

….including the roast pig!   That’s the one on the left…..the other one is Mike the super chef!


Still plenty more sailing before winter sets in — sadly, no trip south this year.  Stay tuned for the SSCA GAM, the SOS Chili cruise and other assorted adventures……..

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