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Freeze warnings !

It was inevitable. Moving north on the waterway this time of year assures at least some cold, wet days. Almost to North Carolina, at Osprey Marina, and found it – dropping temps below 32f and rain. From Savannah to Georgetown the weather was pleasant, winds were light and current was almost always favorable. Conditions made for good progress at 40-50miles each day.


Beaufort, SC at Ladies Island Marina (mi 535) is a pleasant stop with friendly staff and a handy restaurant….

It also marks roughly the halfway point to home. It was time to rest and do some boat chores….

Pelicans are everywhere and constant companions following along all the way. Here a group looks for a free lunch as watermen tend their pots……

St Johns Yacht Harbor (mi 472) is just south of Charleston, SC. It was a long day and we slipped in just at closing time. Made a quick stop at the fuel dock in the morning and headed on making McClellanville and the Leland Oil Co Marina (mi 430)- a rustic but friendly marina, and a convenient stop. This is tidal country with ranges as much as 4-8ft – came in and out at low water with only a foot or two to spare. As someone once said to me ‘if you have a foot of clearance it may as well be 50’, but 50 causes less worry….



Georgetown, SC and Harborwalk Marina (mi400) was the next stop and convenient to downtown. But, it was a long walk to groceries for some minor provisions – long enough that I opted for a cab ride back. It turned out the cabby was a town councilman, and we had an interesting conversation about the complexities of rebuilding from the waterfront fire last year. It didn’t sound promising that much would happen very soon.


Near Myrtle Beach, SC is Osprey Marina (mi 373) – a real gem. Among the very  best – at a dollar a foot and super helpful staff. The forecast at Georgetown had promised a significant change and was correct …. the run to Osprey Marina was against the current, against a 15-25mph cold wind and distinctly unpleasant. The reward is a beautiful marina, great facilities and very friendly staff. Free coffee, light breakfast … and Krispy Kremes, not to mention the super goodies bag you get when you check in!


Here for a couple days to let the bad weather pass.
All the way, most every evening provides treats like these… never get tired of it.


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