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Catching up

How quickly it all passes, and experiences merge into a blur, It takes some concentration and organization to keep it all in sequence. Writing for this blog helps…. so, from the last report at St Mary’s and the stop at Jim King Park that prompted the ‘Solo’ post, I’ve traveled to St Augustine ( on a mooring), Daytona, Titusville (near Cape Canaveral), Melbourne (anchor), Vero Beach Marina (2 nights on a mooring), Rafted with friends near Stuart, anchored at Riviera Beach (met a fellow Catalina 30 solo sailor), stopped at Loggerhead marina just north of Miami (needed a shower J ) and visited with the Lasata crew, anchored at Hurricane Harbor just south on Miami, and sitting now at Anchorage Resort & Yacht Club after a loooong day with high winds..

An aside –I’ve been amazed at the evidence of incredible wealth apparent in the homes along the waterway. Mansion after mansion of 5-10,000 sq ft and larger homes with mega yachts parked in front. One wonders where all that wealth comes from.

IMG_20131209_095629_893 IMG_20131210_123825_144

Red 44 was passed on Monday, 12/9 – thousand mile mark from Norfolk!


I’ve enjoyed the connections with other cruisers as we pass and re-pass each other along the way – and often stop to help when someone has boat problems. Today was the first of the ‘multiple bridge’ days, and the challenge to maintain a pace between to avoid long delays while waiting for a scheduled opening of the low bridges.

IMG_20131210_091644_635 IMG_20131210_121506_611

Vero Beach was a rest stop and a chance to re-provision. Friends Sue and Bill from back home are now staying there in a beautiful motor home, but remain connected to the cruising community that is extensive at Vero. So, I got a trip to the grocery store and re-provisioned for the next couple weeks – likely the last such stop before Key West.

The stop at Stuart was the first chance to catch up with cruiser friends Chuck & Cathy, and I got treated to a small feast for dinner and the chance to share stories and their experiences for the places I have still to see.


From Stuart it was a quick run to an anchorage at Boca Raton where I met Moby a fellow Catalina 30 sailor (bet you can guess his last name – Richard , also cruising solo on Allegro. We spent a pleasant evening sharing experiences. This is the first trip south for both of us, and we’re both headed to Key West, so are traveling together for a time.






He’s in the smaller boat….

An interesting run past Miami, but just as glad to see it in the rear view mirror.







The past two days have been sunny but very high north winds blowing 15-25 knots making for uncomfortable motor sailing with following seas.  Seems wind is a sailors best friend and worst enemy. After two days of anchoring difficulties and these winds, I opted for a marina tonight……… shower time and a good night’s sleep!

Just about 100 miles to go to Key West!


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