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Southbound – a beginning

The Seven Seas Cruising Association sponsors gatherings for southbound cruisers each year at Camp Letts in the Rhode River (Chesapeake Bay). The GAM, brings together cruisers who are headed down the Intracoastal Waterway to share experiences of those who’ve made the trip – some more than a dozen times. Presentations by experts on planning, weather and other skills fill out the program..

Being my first trip, this is an opportunity to learn from those who’ve gone before, and make new cruising friends who I will likely meet again along the way.  As I sit at anchor and watch the arrivals, we are already nearly 50 boats,– power and sail.

This is an exceptionally friendly group, as informal evening gatherings already have demonstrated. A late afternoon dingy raft was an informal time to ask questions and listen to the candid, and sometimes conflicting, answers. Every sailor has their own perspective, but lots of good information got shared.


As the evening arrived, anchor lights went on and made for a beautiful view.


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