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Early Successes!

Don’t ya love it when you turn on something that hasn’t been run in a long time, and it works – first time?!

Starting a diesel engine after a long, cold winter is one of those surprises awaiting us in the Spring. Well maybe not the very first try, but on the second turn of the key my diesel fired yesterday, and ran smoothly as it warmed up. Small victories……

For me, firing the engine is approaching the last item on my Spring re-commissioning list.

The cabin got a thorough cleaning last week. Gear and supplies have been sorted and organized in the various storage areas. Instrumentation and all lights have been checked to be in working order. Got a rigging inspection done and will have the rigging tuned this week. Outboard has been re-mounted on stern rail and the dink re-inflated.  Main sail and cover bent on – just waiting on a new head sail due this week.

Now just finalizing the ‘to do’ list of small tasks, and waiting for water to be turned back on at the slip so hull and deck can be cleaned.

Need to make a trip up the mast for a small repair …… looking for volunteer to crank the winch 🙂

At least it’s a great view from up there……

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