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Thinking DelMarVa …

In the summer of 2011, nineteen boats ranging in size from 27 to 44 feet joined in a rally to circumnavigate the DelMarVa peninsula. This cruise is often the first opportunity for sailors to get some off-shore and nighttime sailing experience. The conditions, from sea state to watch schedules can be strikingly different from the more common cruising on the Chesapeake Bay.

Off shore from Ocean City

Plans are now underway preparing for a similar cruise – this time going counter-clockwise. Next June we will head off from Annapolis on an overnight to Hampton, then off-shore to the entrance of the Delaware Bay at Lewes, up that Bay through the C&D Canal and back to Annapolis. For those interested, check in and follow the planning at .

It seemed a good thing to make one of the last sails this season with a fellow skipper from last year’s DelMarVa Rally. Bob skippered his Pearson 31 – Dorielle – in the same group of under 35ft  boats that Valinor sailed with.  Bob sold Dorielle, and  we’re planning on joining forces on Valinor for the 2013 Rally.  A short day sail on Sunday was a great beginning………and turned out to be the last sail of this season.

On a nice starboard tack

Winds were light and variable, but enough to enjoy a pleasant sail. Lots of other boats were out chasing the wind, and appreciating a beautiful day on the water.

Love the way the water sparkles

Monday dawned with little or no wind and we chose to pass on another day sail rather than wait till the afternoon which promised increasing winds.  Instead we set about the task of preparing the boat for winter – “winterization” is such an ugly word.

With Bob’s help, we got the sails down and dropped off at the loft for repairs.

A little help from a friend

Leaving Valinor for  now with bare poles.

Bare poles

The rest of the work will wait till next week….

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