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Chasing the wind

It was a fun weekend with 22 SOS boats rafted in Whitehall Creek – just a short run from home port in Annapolis.

Circle raft coming together

The original destination was expected to be crowded with several dozen boats from other clubs, so we chose to go closer to home. Winds were forecast to be light, and it looked like we would motor the few miles there and back.  The pleasant surprize was 8-14kts WSW providing an opportunity to enjoy the sunny day and sail much of the way. 

On the down side, shifting winds from being near shore made for frequent adjustments as the track in the picture (below) suggests 🙂  Coming home on Sunday, we simply sailed to the wind and worked our way westward to Back Creek. The crew got lots of tacking experience – and exercise!

SPOT track of the weekend sail

It was a really pretty day, and no one minded waiting in line (sort of) to come in and join the raft…….

Waiting to join the raft

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