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Bermuda Ocean Race or Wedding?

There aren’t too many things I’d rather do than crew on a Bermuda Ocean Race boat. The race is scheduled to start at 1330 hours on  Friday, June 8 in the Annapolis Harbor.

However I’ll forgo the race since high on my preference list is to see our youngest daughter get married at Williamsburg Winery on June 9th!  Now, that I wouldn’t miss!!

As an alternative to the BOR, I’ll be sailing my boat from Annapolis to Norfolk this coming week to be at the wedding. I’ll return  June 12-13th along with the rest of the fleet escorting several dozen Tall Ships on their overnight trip up the Bay to Baltimore as part of this year’s OpSail and Sailabration festivities – .  Not a bad alternative 🙂

Addendum — sadly, boat repair schedule changed plans – will catch up with the Tall Ships in Annapolis.

(Pix from off Annapolis June 2011)

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