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Projects such as these highlight the importance of the many conservation partnerships at work around the Chesapeake Bay and elsewhere to restore and improve our aquatic resources.


CCS Spotlight is a feature of the In the Zone e-mail service  (see below) that highlights programs that have been developed by the Chesapeake & Coastal Service or through partnership and support from federal, state and local partners helping to advance coastal management in Maryland.

This past year, Maryland’s Coastal Program worked with DNR’s Habitat Restoration and Conservation and Engineering and Construction divisions to complete a living shoreline restoration project at Greys Creek Nature Park in Worcester County, the former Weidman Property.

The 572-acre waterfront property was acquired in 2006 by the State and Worcester County with the assistance of NOAA’s Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program funds. The entire property sits at the top of the Maryland Coastal Bays in one of the most biologically diverse areas in the Delmarva region. Its natural habitat includes upland coastal forests, extensive sensitive non-tidal and tidal saltwater wetlands and several small islands just off shore…..

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