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Winter’s coming………..

Although the cruise south to warmer weather got postponed to next year, being an optimist by nature, the final steps in winterizing are deferred till serious freeze warning are issued. That said, the process got underway this past weekend. Except for cushions, all the fabric materials came off the boat, as well as all the non-dried food supplies. Battery levels were checked, antifreeze was pumped through the fresh water system, and a heater set up for possible chilly nights on board. Bimini and dodger are home for cleaning and repairs.
To make access easier for when the tarp goes on to cover the cockpit, Valinor is now in her slip stern first.


Water depth is a concern in this slip, but it measured 4.3′ at low tide leaving about 6″ of clearance. Likely she will rest on the bottom at an occassional very low tide. 

When all prospects for sailing are gone, sails and cushions will come off and brought home to clean for next season.

Each year the SOS club decorates a boat for the Annapolis ‘Parade of Lights’. They do a very professional job and always have an imaginative design. I got a ride on the Parade boat a couple years ago, and signed up for the work crew this year. So Sunday afternoon was spent hauling supplies from storage, cleaning up from last winter’s work and begining the process of putting together this year’s light deisgn. Lots left to do, but it looks to be another great boat!  Pictures later…….

Looking forward to next season, I spent a half day attending a weather seminar presented by the Bermuda Ocean Race committee. Early preparation for those who plan to particpate (or might). The instructors were professional meterologists from the Naval Academy. Lots of good information! Finally learned how to interpret the 500mb chartsThe BOR starts just off Annapolis, goes down the Bay then off shore to Bermuda – start date is 8 June 2012.


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