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Haul out

Monday (22nd) was haul out day, always a fascinating process to watch … and this time, by chance, we’re on the hard just as hurricane Irene is headed our way 🙂

After two years in the water, only a little slime, except for the propeller and shaft which were covered with barnacles. Managed to complete several repairs best made out of the water. Changed out the raw water thru hull valve and added a water hose adapter for winterizing; all other valves lubricated, changed out the alternator belt and heat exhcanger zinc (almost gone), and finally re-fastened the bowsprit stay properly.


The team at Diversified Marine worked quickly and the hull got cleaned and waxed and bottom got two new coats of paint – now to keep her this pretty! 

While all the work was going on, we got hit with a 5.9 earth quake, and with hurricane Irene predicted to come up the Bay by Sunday/Monday – exciting times !

Ready for Irene – all the canvass, sails and anything else that might be blown about was removed and/or tied down …………….

After 50+kt winds and a lot of rain …. the sun comes out again!

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