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Spring arrives

Friday was one of those warm, sunny days that confirms our hope that Spring has arrived! It was also a perfect day to finish all the Spring boat cleaning chores. With some helping hands, the cabin was emptied and thoroughly scrubbed. Cushions cleaned over winter were put back in place, and all the gear and supplies were sorted and stowed in place. After spending time trying to find things last year, this year all was listed and location marked on a boat diagram – should make things easier to find 🙂
After checking hoses, lube levels and opening the thru hull intake; started engine. Fired on second try and ran smoothly. Engaged transmission – fwd and reverse – all working well. Radios and all instruments at helm and below in working order……..

The weekend was spent in a number of SOS activities: the annual Spring Training series of seminars on Saturday, after-party Saturday evening, Brunch and member meeting Sunday followed by the traditional sock burning. Spent Friday and Saturday nights on the boat and enjoyed watching the moon rise – along with all those who remembered it was at it’s fullest in years. The nights were clear and it was a stunning site! Sadly, did not take pictures … but it was a beautiful time on the creek.

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