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Sharing the blame – and responsibility for the cure


1) My opinion. You’re entitled to yours.

2) I am neither a Trump nor a Biden supporter, but a conservative voter.

The events at Capitol were disgraceful, horrific in some instances, but not a Constitutional crisis. It was less violent and destructive than much of what occurred throughout 2020. Sadly, it occurred at the Nations’ Capitol at a time when our most important democratic process was being exercised.

The responsibility for those events, and the much of the similar unrest/riots this past year, have multiple causes and there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Who can be surprised that half the population is angry, frustrated and feels disenfranchised? For the past five years, the current President and his supporters, have been vilified and harassed. The Democratic Party leadership and the liberal media have attacked conservative-minded citizens and the President on a daily basis, doing everything in their power to de-legitimize his election and position. The President and many of his supporters have fanned the flames of disagreement, often in crude ways.

In the hours/days following January 6th, freedom of speech is being threatened, communications that are in opposition to the liberal agenda are being censored, and the ability of the Republican Party to raise funds is being restricted. Not to mention personal threats against those who do not support President-elect Biden labeling them with demeaning and disgusting labels.

All the while, the President-elect, and others, is calling for unity, and his Party continues its attacks against the President in the final days of his term. Hypocrisy is alive and well all around. I can only suggest ‘you reap what you sow’.

My fervent hope is that political centrists, with some common sense, will prevail and find the means and messages that will begin to heal the differences across this Country. A good beginning would be to challenge ideas and policies rather than attacking personalities. That goes for citizens, politicians and the media opinion voices.

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